Level 2

Last Class

We will have the closing ceremony for our first semester next week Friday 12th at 7pm. We will hand out certificate of completion and small gifts to our students.

We would request parents to join us at 7pm so the hard work done by the students can be appreciated and it gives them motivation to continue the same kind of effort.

Just as a reminder, we will open the enrollment for new students after May 12th. So, if you would like to continue the next semester, please register before that date.

Link to registration form: https://forms.gle/cGVD9JBncuwoDDkp6

We won’t be giving any homework this week. InshaAllah we would resume sending homework on bookwidgets from June 5th till the end of July for 8 weeks as explained in PT conferences.

Next week, our children will receive a book for level 2 which has all the information about the lessons covered through out this term.

For this week, I would advise to keep practicing surah Fajr for recitation, along with the surhas and duas they have memorized this term.

May Allah always keep our children on the path of The Holy Quran and Ahlalbayt (as) InshaAllah 🤲🏼

iA we will see the children on Thursday in class and see you all on Friday for the ceremony🤲🏼