Teachers – Week 3

Summary of Lesson

  1. Reviewed few important rules of recitation. This is a foundational lesson, please practice these a few times. Slides 16, 17, 18
  2. Discussed the natural Madd which is two beats. There are three signs of Madd: Ali, Waw and Yaa
  3. Madd Leen where the Waw or Yaa is preceded by a Fathah
  4. Discussed some of the important terminologies. Slide 19
  5. Discussed articulation points. Slides 21, 22


Please record and send the recitations privately on WhatsApp. There are three assignments for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Monday Assignment

Recitation of the Foundational Lessons below. Understand the correct recitation of the pages attached. Compare with the Qari from the audio clip below

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Recitation of Surah al-Fatiha

Download the Quran app from Google or iPhone and select Husary as Qari. Listen to Surah al-Fatiha at least 10 times daily while looking at the Quran and practice them a few times and then send. Please gift the reward of this to all of our Marhumin including our teachers and deceased parents