Teachers – Week 7

Class Summary

  • Discussed the attributes of the letters ثاء – ذال – ظاء from the Teachers Training – Slides Pg. 51 – 67 
  • These are called the letters of نفث in which the letters are pronounced from the incisor teeth
  • Discussed the attribute of صفیر which is the whistling sound that comes from the letters س – ص – ز
  • Discussed the attribute of اطباق in which the tongue forms the shape of spoon and occurs in the following four letters: ص – ض- ط – ظ
  • ِDiscussed the attribute of استعلاء in which makes the letter is recited from the upper portion of the mouth and results in heaviness of sound. The letters of this attribute are : خ – ص – ض – غ – ط – ق – ظ  


Please practice, record and send recitation of the following two letters ثاء and ذال by Tuesday

For Letter  ثاء Pg 1 of 2

Pg 2 of 2

For Letter ذال Pg 1 of 2

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