Training Session 15

Lesson covered:

We have covered the rules of Meem Sakinah. There will be 3 instances with meem sakin rules.
1. Idgham
When meem sakinah is followed by the م with harakah ( َ ِ ُ ) second will get mushuddud ( ّ ) and we will do *ghunna for 2 stretches

2. Ikhfa
When meem sakinah is followed by ب meem sakinah will be pronounced as hidden with ikhfa. Stretch for 2 harakah while doing the ikhfa.

3. Izhar
While all other letters after neen sakinah we will say the meem clearly with no stretches which is Izhar of meem.

We practiced with words and ayahs on meem sakinah.

Home for Monday:

Identify the rules of Noon sakinah (4 rules) and Meem sakinah (3 rules) on page 430 surah Saba. Write down the rule this time so I know you all have a good understanding and are familiarized with the names of the rules Insha’Allah.

For Wednesday:

Recitation of Surah Ahzab on page 418

pg 418
pg 419
pg 420
pg 421
pg 422
pg 423
pg 424
pg 425
pg 426

My dear girls listen to qaree Husary once or 2 twice attentively before recording yourself. I know you all are super busy but pls set 15 -20 mins for Quran everyday if you really want a change in your recitations.

If you have any questions always ask azizaan. Don’t stay in confusion and doubts

Iltemas e dua 🤲🏼
Jazakum’Allah 🌸