Conclusion of Fall 2023 Semester

Alhamdulillah, our semester has concluded with the remembrance of Lady Sayyida Fatima Zehra (S.A.).

The recitation of Quran is our religious obligation and during the winter break, we would request the students to keep up with their recitations even if it is a few minutes, so we do not have to catch up on what has already been taught. The only way these classes can benefit our lives is when we successfully maintain the Quranic environment within our houses. Do not remove the barakah of the sound of the Quran go away.

Our sincere gratitude to all our dedicated teachers, our Quranic children and their parents. These classes succeed only when everyone is putting an effort altogether.

Our classes will resume Thursday, Jan 18th, 2024 Insha Allah. The levels and teachers will be announced before the start of semester, and you will be added to different class groups.

Sharing an inspiring group recitation clip of our students, hoping it serves as a source of motivation for everyone.