Few important points regarding tomorrows assessment

‼Few important points regarding tomorrows assessment:‼

1. There are few last minute adjustments to the classrooms and the timings. Please review the list again. Let me know if your child is a new student and not on the list
2. I have respectfully removed the names of children whose parents did not respond. We can assess later if they are still interested in enrolling
3. Please enter through the main door of the building. All other doors will be locked
4. The children in Blue color will be assessed in Room 1 and pink in Room 4. Both these rooms are in the Lower Level Sunday School Area. Do not go to the Banquet Hall or the Masjid
5. Although everyone will try their best but there could be a delay of a few minutes
6. If you arrive a little earlier or are delayed, feel free to pull up a chair from the storage in the lower foyer area and have a seat.
7. Please wait for the previous parent to vacate the room before you enter
8. Parents should be present at time of assessment. You will get an opportunity to ask questions. Please use this opportunity
9. The teachers might not be able to answer all your questions and they would ask you to refer to me or talk to them later. Feel free to reach out
10. Please do not go beyond your time even if all your questions were not answered