Level 1

Day 1 & Day 2

Day 1:
We started the class by introducing ourselves and sang the salam song. We listened to and recited Surah al Fateha focusing on Bismillah.
To understand why we should learn the Arabic letters, we did an activity where the kids found pictures from the lives of different prophets hidden in the Quran and how there are lessons in it for us to learn.
We worked on the letter Alif, it’s different forms and did an activity called ‘Find the Alif‘

Day 2:
The kids have started getting a hang of the salam song and enjoyed it, followed by Surah al Fateha focusing on Bismillah. We had a short skit through which kids understood the power of Bismillah. Letter Ba was introduced along with it’s forms and we tried to recognize the letter Ba in different words.
Kids took home a scrapbook page of their Arabic names!