Level 3

Session 1 (Arabic Letters Review)

Du’aas that this message finds you well inshaAllah.

We started this semester with reviewing the manners of Quran recitation, Arabic letters, Aoudhubillah, and Bismillah.

The kids also talked about their favorite Surahs.

Message Theme: Imam Hussain(as) Quran & Success:
Our theme for the month of August will be “Imam Hussain(as), Quran & Success.”

We showed some flashbacks from the blessed life of Imam Hussain(as), including his childhood, sacrifices in Karbala, and the last moments before he was martyred. The children shared their heartfelt responses on those images.

We then fast-forwarded to the present time and saw how the world was honoring he who was left alone in the plains of Karbala.

We recorded all the children’s inferences that it was Imam Hussain(as)’s noble virtues and his love for Quran that made him rule the hearts of people as compared to the rulers with material power and wealth. That’s the roadmap for success inshaAllah.

In the end, children also made an edible success ladder craft.

Please have the students practice Surah Al Ikhlas and Surah Al Falaq with Sheikh Husary’s recitation. On thursday, we will assess them on these Surahs.