Level 3

How to recite Hamza

Last week, we reviewed how to recite Hamza. I couldnt get a chance to send the homework. My apologies for that.
This week, our lesson is the following:
1. Madd
2. Silent Alif between letters
For homework, this week:
1. Review the page for examples and after practicing it, recite these words on this group by Sunday
2. Write down the arabic numbers from 0 to 9
3. Go to https://tanzil.net/#90:1 and listen to Surah Balad and recite along with it at least five times daily
4. Print Surah Balad that I will send and circle all the Madds and Silent Alifs. Send me a picture of this Sunday
5. Send in the recitations of the five verses after practicing each day: i.e. 
* v1-5 on Monday
* 6-10 on Tuesday
* 11-15 on Wednesday
* 16-20 on Thursday