Level 3

Session 16 & 17 (Rules For Silent Hamzatul Wasl in the Quran & different form of Hamzah)

Hamzah appears in different forms in the Quran.

Whenever Hamzatul Wasl ٱ‎ comes between two words, it will not be recited. It acts like a glue and joins the letter before and after it.

For this week’s homework, please have your child(ren) listen to Surat Al Shams with “Qari Hussary” and send in the recitation of:

Surat Al Shams Verses 1 to 3 [Tuesday by 6:00 pm]

Surat Al Shams Verses 4 to 6 [Wednesday by 6:00 pm]

Lesson 4 Words with Hamzah: Recite and send. [Thursday by 6:00 pm]