Level 3


Thank you for coming to the class last week. It really helped. Jazak Allah for your hard work and patience.

I tested the kids yesterday and Alhamdulillah I saw a huge jump in the quality of the recitations.

This is just the setting of the foundation. Alhamdulillah, the kids are now able to follow the lessons and all of us are on the same page.

I would request you to keep sending in the recitations regularly.

Also, beginning this week I will be sending them a few simple questions related to the stories we talk from the Quran.

For this week’s homework:
1. Sunday – Answer this question:
– how did people start worshipping idols?
2. Monday – letter by letter recitation of Surah Layl v1-6
3. Tuesday – v7-15
4. Wednesday v16-21