Level 1

Session 24 (Fatha)

Alif Ba Land:
A magical place where the alphabet comes alive. In order to enter, kids must recite the alphabet song in some form, today it was by reciting all the letter names.

Kids were introduced to the short vowel Fatha. All the letters were playing in a playground when all of a sudden a special rain fall began, Fatha rain. Fatha rain makes the short “a” sound, as in apple.

Reading Practice:
Kids read 3 letter Fatha words found in the Qur’an. MashaAllah they are doing well and grasping the concept.

We encourage parents to dedicate 2-3 minutes and sit with the child and identity letters with Fatha within the Quranic text itself. Make it an exciting time where the child feels the joy of reading straight from the Qur’an!

Object Lesson:
Traveling flame activity.
Quranic guidance lights up our hearts, just like a lit candle. Sometimes we make bad choices and it is like blowing out a candle. However, once a candle is blown out, the smoke trail is evident. That smoke trail is like our remorse for our bad deeds, by having remorse, reigniting the candle doesn’t require as close proximity with a heat source as when originally lit. The flame appears to just jump on to the candle! Just like how our repentance reignites the light of guidance in our hearts!