Level 1

Session 27 (Reading Practice)

Reading Practice
We have now entered a new phase in our learning. Kids will be putting everything they’ve learned together by reading 2-3 letter words.

In order to make it engaging, kids read words that disappeared to reveal a pictures.

Children also take a mind break to play a game of Alif Baa hopscotch.

Object Lesson:

As our object lesson today, kids were shown a water wheel. We explained to them that each one of them were like one cup on the wheel. When we are in a classroom, in a masjid program or with our families at home, we should always be aware that whatever actions we do effects the community as a whole. We are connected through our actions. Kids each picked a color to represent them and then water (our deeds) was poured in one cup only to demonstrate how it moved the whole wheel. Kids enjoyed playing with the water.