Level 3

Arabic Letters Review

Session 1 (Arabic Letters Review): Du’aas that this message finds you well inshallah. We started this semester by reviewing
• The manners of Quran recitation
• Arabic letters
• Aoudhubillah and Bismillah.
• Kids also talked about their favorite Surahs.

Homework: Please have the students practice Surah Al-Ikhlas and Surah An-Nas while listening to Sheikh Husary’s recitation a few times.
Please submit your child(ren)’s homework with proper makharij on the WhatsApp group of Level 3.

Submission days are assigned for each task. The feedback will be sent to you on Wednesday in a personal message.
1. Surah Al-Iklaas. *(Submit on Monday by 6 PM)

2. Surah An-Nas. *(Submit on Tuesday by 6 PM)