Level 3

Overview week 4

Hoping this will find you well inshallah.
Session 4 (Sukoon & Qalqalah)

Qalqalah: If any of the letters of Qalqalah appear with Sukoon, it will be read with an echoing sound, whether it be in the middle of a word or at the end.
Qalqalah letters: ق , ط , ب, ج , د

Below is the word to remember all the Qalqalah letters
قطب جد
This week, we revised reciting Quranic words with Sukoon, and Qalqalah. We played a few games to practice the words.

A humble request to please review your child(ren)’s homework before sending it to the group.

Homework: Please go through the attached doc for homework.