Level 3

Week 2 Overview

Wiladat of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as) Mubarak to you all. In class, we celebrated Imam Ali’s (as) birth anniversary on Thursday. The boys recited a beautiful Nasheed, and I quizzed them about Imam Ali’s (as) life. We concluded the class with kids decorating brownies for themselves and one for their dads to celebrate Father’s Day. Mashallah kids enjoyed this activity.

Session 2 (Short Vowels & Heavy & Light Pronunciation of the letter ل)
This week, we reviewed the short vowels Fatha, Kasrah, and Dhammah.
Heavy & Light Pronunciation of the letter ل:
We learned in which conditions Laam in the name ofالله and اللهم is pronounced heavy and light.

Homework: Please go through the attached doc for homework.