Level 3

Week 3 Overview

Session 3 (long Vowels)

We revised reciting Quranic words with Long Vowels Alif Maddi, Wow Maddi, and Ya Maddi. We played a few games to practice the words. MashaAllah, the kids are progressing well. Very soon, I’ll have them start reciting from the Quran.

I would request you to buy the Quran with Uthman Taha manuscript and have the kids practice from it. All our lessons are based on this mushhaf and it takes time to familiarize this script.
The Quranic mushhaf should be
1. The manuscript should be Uthman Taha.
2. Should be 604 pages with each Juz 20 and the last Juz 23 pages.
3. Have 15 lines on each page.
4. Should not be color code.

Homework: Please go through the attached doc for homework.

JazakumAllah and best regards