Level 3

Week 6 Overview

Hoping this will find you well inshallah.
Session 6 Shadda (ـــّــ) & Ghunnah (Nasalization)

Wiladat of Imam Mehdi (as) Mubarak to you all in advance. In class, we celebrated Imam Mehdi’s (as) birth anniversary on Friday. We talk about how can we help Imam Mehdi (as) Inshallah when he reappears. We concluded the class by enjoying Brownies and Chips.

This week, we learned about the concepts of Shadda & Ghunna. We played a few games to practice the words.

Inshallah from next I want children to bring their Quran Mushaf every Friday on words.

One humble request that once your child(ren) has read assigned words or Ayahs, please listen to their recording and try to help them correct their mistakes before submitting the homework. I do hear some parents in the recordings who are already doing it.


Please go through the attached doc for homework.

Enjoy some pictures from this week 🌺