Training Session 1

Tarbiyah Session
1. Objective of this session – not about how to teach but talk about the broader aspect of education i.e. Tarbiyah
2. Taufeeq of Allah to have students wanting to study the Quran and to have an environment ready to teach them
3. Slowing down. All of us are too busy with too many things
4. What it mean to teach the Quran? It is not just correcting their recitation. Our belief is recitation is just the beginning
5. Importance of kids enjoying the environment is as important as the Quran lessons

Quran Class
1. Thinking you know is the biggest enemy of learning – trick your brain to believe you do not know anything
2. Keep a notebook for this class and note down your individual mistakes
3. 90% of this class is your individual effort. My role is of a coach
4. Listen to recitations of Surahs you have memorized and practice it in your daily prayers
5. Fill in your empty pockets of times with Quran recitations – try to play mental games and identify each letter of every verse

Please watch from 13m 28s till the end of the video a few times.

Please compare your recitations with the way it is recited in the video.

Pay special attention to the letters which start with Hamza. I gave the general rule and did not explain the exceptions. Insha Allah, we will discuss these later.