Training Session 14

Lesson covered:

We covered the rules of Noon Sakinah and Tanween.
Girls learnt about the terms Izhar, Iqlaab, Idgham, and Ikhfa and how to detect in the Uthman Taha script ( by looking at the harakah )

Homework for Sunday:

Circle the 4 rules of Noon Sakinah and Tanween in Surah Maryam through the assigned colors
Izhar – blue
Iqlab – yellow
Ifgham – green
Ikhfa – red

pg 305
pg 306
pg 307
pg 308
pg 309
pg 310
 pg 311
pg 309
 pg 310

Listen and practice your ikhfa with the teacher…
Girls kindly listen to the qaree first, try to imitate him and then record yourself. We didn’t have much time to practice our ikhfas in class so please spend some time practicing 🤲🏼

Practice and Record 5 words from each letter for ikhfa words. Don’t forget to do ghunna (nasalization) and stretch for 2 harakah

👆🏼Ikhfa practice for all 15 letters. 5 words from each letter. Due by Tuesday 9pm