Training Session 2

Alhumdolillah we had wonderful classes this week. I’m enjoying getting to know and working with all of your daughters and my sweet nieces 🥰

This week we covered:

🌸 Explain what the word ( تحسین التلاوة) means to beautify recitation. How we should recite Quran al- Kareem in Arabic accent
🌸 Etiquettes before reciting the Holy Quran
🌸 Importance of tajweed through Prophet’s and Imam’s sayings
🌸 Learnt about 7 heavy letters and a conditional letter (ر)
( خ ص ض غ ط ق ظ ر )
🌸 We worked on short & long vowels and the length of their stretch. We had practice reading the words with short vowels ( َ ِ ُ ) while being mindful of our heavy letters
🌸 Message of Quran: Importance of Surah Nur and shared beautiful traditions from Imam Sadiq(as)

‼️For homework this week Sunday & Tuesday due by 7pm on the group‼️

-Practice reading each word atleast 20 times before sending.

Sunday Homework (fatha, kasra, dhamma words)


Tuesday Homework (fatha, kasra, dhamma)