Level 1

Session 18 (Letters Wow and Haa)

Letters and Theme Words:
Letter Learned: و and ه
Theme Word: وضوء , هدايه
(Wudu) and (Hidayah/Guidance)

Letters Review:
Students did an alif-baa puzzle house, played Snap card game and found hidden letters in a jar of kidney beans for review.

Letters و and ه Story Time:
Today’s story was the famous narration of Imam Hasan’s and Imam Husain’s respectful way of teaching an older man to do his Wudu correctly.

Kids also went to Wudu-land today! We went through the steps of making Wudu, and children learned that Wudu is made prior to performing the prayer.

Also, to illustrate the importance of Hidayah. One teacher gave instructions to make a square, and another teacher comically made mistakes because they were not following instructions. Kids enjoyed the lesson and gave their own instructions to create a picture.

For today’s craft, kids created different letters with colorful pipe cleaners. They enjoyed this craft a lot.

Homework for Letters Noon, Wow and Ha will be due next class, Thursday, March 23rd inshaAllah.