Level 1

Session 22 (Joining Arabic Letters)

Letters Review:
We reviewed the letters with a spin the wheel game.

Story Time:
A father teaches his children about the importance of being united and staying together, also pertaining to Arabic letters when joined together, making important words, with Surah Aale Imran’s Ayah # 103. It translates as “And join together to hold on to Allah’s rope and do not be divided.”

We practically showed the concept with a bundle of noodles packed together. No matter how much we tried breaking them, the pack stayed strong and unbreakable 👍

Joining Letters Practice:
The students are able to correctly identify most of the letters in simple Arabic words Alhamdulillah. We’ll continue to challenge the kids with more complex words during our upcoming sessions.

We request the parents to help their children work on the joining letters homework in their workbooks and bring it by our next session inshaAllah.