Level 2

Week 10 Overview

Assessment Week

This week we tested all the students for everything that has been covered so far. Alhumdolillah they all did really well. It was truly rewarding to see them putting their heart in it and giving their best!

Topics covered so far are:
⭐ Articulation points
⭐ Heavy Letters
⭐ Light Letters
⭐ Short Vowels
⭐ Long Vowels
⭐ Sukoon
⭐ Tanween
⭐ Silent Letters
⭐ Huroof al Muqqata’at
⭐ Madd Lazim

Message of the Week:

Students were asked to share any message that they have remembered from last weeks. Masha Allah they all were able to recall small messages and share with their friends.


Pictures from Jashn of Imam Mahdi (as) we celebrated last week! Students decorated the hall themselves and recited Surah and Ziyarah of Imam Mahdi(as). So proud of them all! ❤