Level 2

Week 9 Overview

Lessons Covered:

⭐Huroof e Muqatta’at
In the holy Quran we have 114 surahs out which 29 surahs start with حروف مقطعه

The letters in Arabic that are spelled with the combination of 3 letters as in
ن- نون
ج- جیم
م- میم
و- واو
ص- صاد…..
Except الف ‌should be stretched for 6 harakahs as in
الم ( الف لام میم)= الف – 6- 6
6 representing the length of stretch

Whereas, all other letters as in
با، تا، ثا، حا،خا، را….یا
Would get a stretch of 2 harakah.

⭐Madd & Rulings of Reciting Madd

We have 5 different kinds of madd with different rulings but in this level we will only cover مد لازم

The letters that have a sign of madd on top of them (~) followed a shudda letter should be stretched 6 harakah as in ٱلضَّاۤلِّینَ
Here we will stretch the
ضال – ل – لی – ن
6-2-2-1( length of stretch)

Message of the Week:

🌸Imame Zaman (ajtf) is present.
🌸Imame Zaman (ajtf) will bring Justice to the whole world.
🌸How can we make our Imam (ajtf) happy?
🌸What is Tawassul?
🌸How can we do Tawassul?

*Du’aa Allahumma Adkhil ‘Ala: *

Insha Allah, this week we will review 1-9 lines of the du’aa.

Ziyarat of Imam Mahdi (as):

Masha Allah all the children have memorized and presented beautifully the Ziyarat of Imame Zaman (ajtf)

Thursday the kids decorated the multi purpose room to celebrate the auspicious occasion of the birth of the Imam (ajts) of our time

They enjoyed being the part of the celebration and on Friday we had a jashan with all our levels involved. Kids participated in group recitation of the Holy Quran, nasheed, and ziyarah. They decorated their customized masjid shaped cookies. A big thanks to Sr. Zainab for baking these beautiful cookies for us. May Allah reward her in abundance🤲🏼

If you have any questions regarding the lesson or homework please feel free to contact us.

Next week is our assessment week. Insha’Allah we will be covering all the concepts learnt through out the course of term till now in our homework for this week. Please ask kids to review the practice words sent in their binders.