Level 3

Week 9 Overview

Ramadan Mubarak everyone!!!
Hoping this will find you well inshallah.

Mashallah child(ren) helped me to decorate the class and make a deeds jar where they will be writing their deeds on a popsicle stick every week Inshallah.

Week 9 (Silent Letters و ا ل ى )
This week, we reviewed last week’s silent rules also, a new rule.

Rule 3: The letter Wow becomes silent when there’s a standing Alif on top of it. The letter before Wow is stretched for 2 harakahs count. E.g. صَلَوٰتَكَ is pronounced as صَلاتَکَ

On Friday we started reading from the Quran everyone took turns and read 2 ayahs. Inshallah, we will continue to read from the Quran.


Please go through the attached doc for homework.

Enjoy some pictures from this week 🌺