Training Session 9

Lesson covered:

🌺 Covered the attributes of letters. Intrinsic attributes is part of the letter and can’t be influenced by external factor for example the heavy letters due to the attribute of isti’la they are alway recited heavy ( خ ص‌ض‌‌ غ ط ق ظ) some other intrinsic attributes are ( istifaal, itbaq, infitaah, leen, qalqalah and ghunna)
🌺 Covered and Practiced all the attributes mentioned above except ghunna which will be covered next week iA
🌺On Friday we recited surah Qaf in a circle close to the masjid to practice the newly learnt attribute of qalqalah

Alhumdolillah, the girls are progressing well. Each and everyone of these girls have their own learning capacity along with other struggles and commitments but I can see the effort and their progress mA. May Allah bless them and their parents and be Quran their intercessor on the day of judgement iA.

For Sunday: Circle the Itbaaq letters green, qalqalah letters red, and leen words blue

For Tuesday:
Ayah 1-7
Ayah 8- 13
Ayah 14-21
Ayah 22-28
Ayah 1-7
Ayah 8 – 13
Ayah 14 – 21
Ayah 22 – 28

Kindly recite assigned ayahs of Surah Jin as per your names iA