Training Session 17


I pray you all had a relaxing weekend iA😊

Coming Thursday we have an easy test for our girls iA. Just review your notes specifically

1. Rules of Noon sakinah and tanween ( Idgham, Iqlaab, Ikhfaa, Izhar )
2. Rule of meem sukoon (Izhar, Ikhfaa, Idgham)
3. Types of Madd (4 covered)
4. Attributes ( qalqalah and it’s stages, Isti’fal- light letters and Isti’la- heavy letters, leen, ghunna)
5. Rules of heavy and light raa

Insha’Allah you will all do great as we have been practicing this while recitation in class.

Thanks and jA khair🤲🏼💗