Training Session 16

Lesson covered:

Alhumdolillah we have completed the last topic of Madd and Qasr ( مد و قصر) in our book ‘ تحسین التلاوه ‘

We covered 5 different kinds of madds and how much we need to stretch different madds ( 2, 4, 5 or 6 harakahs)


Identify and write down 3 examples of each madds from the Quran. Please mention its address in Quran (page, surah & verse number)
All the 4 madds covered:
Connected madd (مد متصل)

Detached madd (مد منفصل)

Obligatory madd (مد لازم)

Temporary madd (مد عارضی)

3 examples for all 4 kinds of madd👆🏼
Due Monday

Let me know if have any questions

Tuesday Homework

I’m setting you in pairs so you send the recording and one another’s feedback here as well

 pg 477 – pg 478
 pg 479 – pg 480
 pg 481  – pg 482  pg 483
 pg 484-  pg 485

Please note the recitation is due today while feedback due on Wednesday

May Allah bless you all and keep you under the shelter of Quran o Ahlaybayt iA🤲🏼
JazakumAllah 💗